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Learn 7 Little Known Tricks to Mastering Parisian French - Guaranteed!

WHAT you will learn in the 7 lessons of my FREE video training series:

1. How to overcome the Challenge of making Mistakes in French
2. Pronunciation, Conjugation and Grammar tips (including the pronunciation of the French « R »)
3. How to think in French

+ a Surprise Bonus, to prepare you for your next French immersion trip to Paris with Llyane Stanfield


Llyane Stanfield @ J'Ouellette: Learn Parisian French on Skype
  Our Facebook fans agree:

"Thank you very much for the crash course. Very helpful and far much better/ more effective than the French lessons I was attending."
~ Brian

"Thanks a lot for those seven lessons. I believe I benefited from them and I managed to refresh lots of my lost French. I have studied French at school for 5 years but I stopped studying it 6 years ago, your lessons were a beautiful reminder. Thanks a lot :)"
~ Eman
THANK YOU for giving me the honor and the privilege of allowing me to come into your life!

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